Cape Cod Stories

Many of our waterways are now facing unacceptable nitrogen levels which create algae blooms, suffocating other aquatic life and polluting rivers, lakes, and bays. These can lead to fish kills, offensive odors and dangerous toxins. More than 80% of nitrogen in Mashpee comes from septic systems.

This problem is shared by all Cape Cod communities. Many have been directly addressing the issue of nitrogen pollution for years by adopting comprehensive wastewater treatment programs to deal directly with the sources. Additionally, many are cleaning up their waterways through innovative remediation and restoration projects. This Mashpee Clean Waters presentation seeks to highlight some of the successes of neighboring municipalities.

In this video, we hear from:

  • Erin Perry – Deputy Director, Cape Cod Commission
  • Brian Dudley – Environmental Engineer for MA Department of Environmental Protection

A group of our committee members from the Mashpee Clean Waters committee also prepared this presentation summarizing the stories Cape Cod Water Quality Stories  by Mashpee Clean Waters highlighting the complex set of water quality challenges and solutions across the Cape.