SPB Has Employed a Security Team for the Summer Weekends

SPB Has Employed a Security Team for the Summer Weekends

It’s hard to believe July 4th weekend of 2020 has already come and gone. We hope you were able to enjoy the beautiful holiday weekend and some socially distance time with friends and family.

SPB in conjunction with PBA has employed a security team for the summer weekends. The goal of our having security is to deter problematic visitors, enforce the closure at dusk, as well as enforce the no alcohol policy on the Spit. As you can imagine, the team of security guards was extremely busy over the long holiday weekend. They stopped many kids with coolers full of alcohol and asked others to leave the Spit due to unruly behavior. Unfortunately, the security team, in trying to keep all who visit the Spit safe, made some decisions without first consulting any of the SPB Board members.

A meeting with the security team is scheduled to review their responsibilities. To keep our community safe, we believe the security team’s presence is warranted. We will be monitoring their actions and reactions closely to make sure all security personnel respond to situations appropriately.

We acknowledge that mistakes were made, and we are working hard to make sure that they don’t happen again. PBA has formed a committee to review security needs and solutions. We plan to work together with PBA and if anyone is interested in getting involved with this process please send an email to info@savepopponessetbay.org.

Please don’t be shy. If you see something inappropriate let us know by sending an email to info@savepopponessetbay.org. If you feel a situation is out of control, please walk over to security for their assistance or reach out to the Mashpee Police. They know the Spit has become a destination and we all want to make sure that no one gets hurt.