November Dredging Update!



This is from Director, Barnstable County Dredge on 11/1/2021.

We completed the dredging of the 1916 Channel on Friday afternoon. The Cod Fish II and pushboat Bradbury are enroute this morning to the north side for the first of two projects in Truro then onto Sesuit.

All of the pipe has been moved to the south side and is laid up against the base of the SPB section of dune. Both ends and a section in the middle were buried to make sure that the pipe stays in place until next month. We also put the large rocks back in place at the end of access road to the spit.

We’ll have the Post-Dredge survey done this week for both channels and once done I’ll share the results.

Our schedule is still on track to have the Sand Shifter here near the end of December to start the Approach Channel.

On behalf of our crew, I want to thank everyone for all of your support and cooperation throughout these projects.

I’ll send along an update when the time gets closer.

Thanks again.